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Markita Martinez

Miriam, I am so happy that you and your husband are safe and well, Terry and Catherine and I were so worried. If you can call me and let me know if you need anything or anyone else, pls do so, if you need a place to live for awhile, I have an extra bedroom plenty of room!! call 602-640-9211-Markita.

Juju Hartman

Any word on Marie Erickson ????
Please please please contact me via the above email if you get word.
I'm also looking for Cindi Lepow, a professor at Loyola Law school.

Marcia Koslov

I received this email from Jim Heller this morning.

Hi Marcia - I spoke with Carol yesterday. The "greater Billings"
family -- Carol, Warren, Liz, Greg, and baby Andrew -- left New
Orleans before the hurricane and drove 14 hours to Dallas to be with
some close friends. Carol knows that their New Orleans neighborhood
is flooded (they live fairly close to Lake Pontchartrain), but they
don't know the extent of damage to their home, nor to Liz and Greg's
home. They all plan to arrive in Williamsburg sometime this
weekend. They feel very fortunate that they are together, safe, and
have a place to come to.

Feel free to forward this to the SCCLL list.


Catherine Lemann

I spoke to George's niece when I called his brother in New Jersey. They are safe but she didn't know where. They are with friends was all I got.

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